Scalp Keloids - Acne Keloidalis

Keloids can also form in the lower hair line in the back of the scalp. This condition is known as Acne Keloidalis and is most common among Africans, African Americans and those with thick and super curly hair. Cause of this type of keloid is unknown; however the triggering factor for this keloid is most often skin injury to this part of scalp from razor blades or ingrown hair in patients who are genetically prone to develop this kind of keloid.

Those who notice early stages of this condition must avoid usage of razor blades on their scalp. These keloids are noticeable and cause significant degree of stress and anxiety for the individual.

As depicted below, the size and extent of this kind of keloids varies, from small keloids, to huge and massive keloids.

Scalp keloid, acne keloidalis forming in the back of the scalp

posterior scalp keloid, keloid forming in the back of the scalp, acne keloidalis

scalp massive keloid, keloid forming in the posterior scalp treatment