Keloid in Children

Although keloids can occur at any age, they tend to develop more rapidly during and after puberty.

age of onset of keloid

I recently reported a case of the youngest person with keloid known to medical literature. This child had her ears pierced at age of 3 months and developed earlobe keloids on the back of both here earlobes by age of nine months. She had surgery for her keloids at age of 3 years, which simply worsened the appearance of her earlobes, causing formation of new keloids in front of her earlobes.

keloid in children

children with keloid disorder

Treating keloids is a challenge, more so in children. We were lucky to be able to manage this particular child's keloids. Treating her keloids took almost a year and several rounds of cryotherapy, which is naturally painful for a very young child.

Almost a year later, her earlobes are free of keloids. We continue with applying pressure magnetic discs to her earlobes, to keep them flat and prevent another recurrence.

Young kids and earlobe keloid

children with earlobe keloid

children with earlobe keloid Treatment in New york

Say no to Keloid Surgery for children

I urge parents who have any history of keloid disorder themselves, or in their relatives, not to pierce their child's ears. African Americans have to be even more careful when choosing to have their daughter's ears pierced.